Internal Board Representative Committees        

Education S. Carr, S. Nelson,  E. Palis (Alt.)
Aboriginal Education S. Carr, S. Nelson, E. Palis(Alt.)
Human Resources:  
  Principals / Vice-Principals D. Rempel
  MRTA E. Palis
  CUPE K. Clarkson
  Exempt S. Nelson
Inclusive Education S. Nelson, K. Clarkson, S. Carr (Alt.)
Budget Committee of the Whole ALL BOARD MEMBERS
Finance Committee of the Whole ALL BOARD MEMBERS
Policy Advisory M. Murray, S. Carr
French Immersion Advisory S. Nelson,E. Palis, K. Marshall (Alt.)
District Student Advisory All Trustees Alternating

Other Representation

Ridge Meadows Education Foundation K. Marshall, M. Murray, S. Carr                             


External Representation

Joint Parks & Leisure Services M. Murray, D. Rempel, E. Palis, K. Marshall (Alt.)
Social Planning Advisory M. Murray, K. Marshall (Alt.)
Municipal Advisory & Accessibility K. Marshall, M. Murray (Alt.)
Ridge Meadows Community Arts Council D. Rempel, M. Murray (Alt.)
BCSTA Provincial Council
K. Clarkson
E. Palis
District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) All Board Members Alternating
Tzu Chi Foundation D. Rempel, S. Carr (Alt.), K. Marshall (Alt.)
Youth Society S. Carr, K. Marshall (Alt.)