BUS ROUTES 2013 – 2014

The following information does not include Special Needs Bus Services which will be handled separately.
busing_0.pngIn the spring of 2013, families were requested to submit applications to register for school bus service for the upcoming year. Bus routes were developed based on the applications received. If you were unable to submit an application in the spring, it will be necessary to do so as soon as possible. Students not registered may be refused service. 
Application can be completed online or forms can be picked up from the main reception desk at the District Education Office at 22225 Brown Ave., Maple Ridge, or you can contact the Transportation Department at 604-466-6236. Please note that all routes will be reviewed in the fall and may be adjusted or combined where appropriate. 
We are continuing the practice of maintaining student rosters and seating plans, as they are essential to the protection of your children. The school bus contractor is First Student Canada. Their telephone number is 604-465-5055.
On the first day of classes, all schools have their specific early dismissal times and therefore, the homeward bound schedule will not apply for this day. We will endeavor to accommodate the schools as best we can but parents should expect some delays.
Families that submitted applications for transportation will have received a letter clarifying their eligibility status. It is important that the student carry this letter on the first day of school as it will be matched against the driver’s roster.
Please make sure your child is at the stop at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
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