With the continued growth in East Maple Ridge, several schools in the District have had their school boundaries adjusted. These draft proposed adjustments went out for consultation to public from November 30th until January 11th, and were submitted to and approved by the Board of Education on January 11, 2012 along with key recommendations. 

Please note that the Board approved the following catchment and registration changes:

1. To realign the catchments of Blue Mountain Elementary, Alexander Robinson Elementary, Webster’s Corners Elementary, Kanaka Creek Elementary, Albion Elementary and Whonnock Elementary. (See Attached Maps.)
2. To allow the grandfathering of siblings for students who previously lived in the Albion and Alexander Robinson catchment areas. This grandfathering opportunity will be for siblings born by January 2012 and who are currently identified on a district list.
3. To change the acceptance criteria for prioritizing placements for all registrations to the following:
*Note Changes in BOLD

Acceptance Criteria for Prioritizing Placements for All Registrations

  1. Siblings of students already attending desired elementary school (currently in grades K-6)
  2. IN catchment (proof of residence required)
  3. IN catchment daycare (proof of daycare in catchment required)
  4. OUT of catchment without siblings
  5. OUT of district   (Register at the District Education Office - 22225 Brown Avenue, Maple Ridge)

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Download the PowerPoint Draft Proposal of Catchment Review here: Catchment Meeting January 5, 2012.pptx.

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We live on McClure dr and are dissapointed with the following. 1) Catchment is changing due to increased development. I am dissapointed development fees taxes permits etc collected are not being used to add on to the school. 2) I am dissapointed that the school board did not do enough to lobby for funds while surrey did. 3) I am dissapointed that the school district did not attempt to acquire the land currently being developed beside the albion school. You could have traded for the land on 104. Addition would have been economical solution. 4) I am dissapointed with all levels of government as there is no accountability to spending tax dollars and everyone passes the buck. Solutions Quit developing albion area, develop by the under utilized schools. Develop a proper long term plan with developers and city for proper infrastructure. Put kanaka back into normal school time frame so it can handle local residences Build a school Start lobbying for funds and put the communications in the paper to increase pressure of province for funds. Demand part of the development fees for building a school. Put a second floor on the school, build up! Keep current Catchment the same, if you build a school then you will have to change again and cause a huge mess for people.

Not that simple...would be

Not that simple...would be nice though

Kanaka Catchment

Why does it make sense to change people to a school they would have to drive to when there is a school within walking distance? Very frustrating, and disappointing. Half the reason we moved close to Kanaka elementary was the year round schooling offered at Kanaka.

Address Verification

This is a big concern for us honest parents. I have spoken to numerous parents who have children attending Albion that all know of someone who falsified their address to get their child into Albion. Perhaps even Car Insurance documents are required.

Re: Address Verification

Unfortunately, the address on car insurance papers is easy to change to whatever address you say that you have "moved" to. You only need to prove your identity when doing this type of change so car insurance wouldn't be a good proof of address.

Address verification

Perhaps you could request a void cheque with new school registrations as proof of address - it is a bit harder to 'fake' than a cell phone bill. It is frustrating when I cannot get my daughter into a school and I know of at least three kids in my sons kindergarten class that were not honest during registration about living in catchment.

albion/whonnack cachment

We recently purchased a place in Thornhill and found out from the neighbours that their kids all go to Albion. But after trying to enrol my kids, I find out they just changed the catchments. I think it’s crazy to expect us from thinking we had a nice 3 min drive to the Albion school to now having to go to Whonnack which is a good 11 min drive each way and it’s the opposite way from town, so its very inconvenient to our family completely. I just can’t believe there are no options. I was in hopes to join this community, not be told I have to go else where. Very frustrating.


I am very concerned that the Albion Elementary catchment is changing. I have two children (currently in Kindergarten and Grade 2) in Albion elementary and have a daughter due to start school in 2012. If the catchment changes go through, she will have to be registered at Webster's Corners?? I am left wondering if I am expected to drop my 6 and 8 year old at one school 45 minutes early (with the school doors remaining locked for the first half hour) in order to drive my 4 year old to Kindergarten at a school 25 minutes away, or if I am expected to leave the four year old on the corner awaiting bus pickup while I get the 6 and 8 year old to Albion Elementary on time. Our alternative seems to be to transfer my other two children already attending Albion Elementary School to our new catchment school; this is causing myself and my children huge stress. Studies have shown that changing schools is one of the largest emotional stressors in school aged children; my kids have become part of the “Albion Family” and like most children, do not want to change schools away from friends and known teachers. I would like the Maple Ridge School Board to remember to put “Families First” and change the catchment rules to “Grandfather” pre-school aged children of siblings at current schools, allowing them to register at and attend the same school as older siblings. I hope that as many concerned parents as possible come out to Thomas Haney on January 5th for the school trustee meeting & also attend the January 11th meeting at the School District office on Brown Avenue when the new catchment rules are to be voted on. Michelle Wocknitz

Albion Catchment

There should be a more rigorous address check for those students that are coming from out of the current catchment areas, and even from other School Districts...there are EXISTING students that are not within the current catchment, and/or from other School Districts, and because of a very poor address check done, the situation for this school is currently unsustainable....If people move, then their kids should go to the new area schools, and leave their places to new kids moving into the catchment area...Otherwise, you have kids staying in the school, even though they moved out of the catchment area, and new kids coming in because, of course, they have moved to the current catchment area. If current students are allowed to stay in the school, then, siblings, should have the priority to go to the same school..I DO NOT agree with the policy of splitting children to different schools, it is outrageous and completely inconvenient/inefficient for working parents. (Otherwise you will see many parents wasting lots of unnecessary gas, money and time to take their kids from one school to the other).. I do also agree with some previous comments, the very POOR planning done by the City of Maple Ridge, allowing these massive housing developments done in this area, and NOT providing the basic services for people to move in (Albion Elementary is a 60-70 years old school an only portables have been added, not to say the status for SRT which is very similar) ....I believe stopping housing development, until a new school is built, should be immediately put in place.

siblings at same school

It seems absurb not to have siblings being able to go to the same school. I think it goes without saying that siblings should be an exempt from the new catchment area and be able to go to the school with their siblings. Talk about making things difficult for parents. I also think that kids that live in the catchment areas should get to go to that school before kids that live outside the area. I hope that these issues are thought through carefully before any changes are actually made.

Catchement Changes

Your map you have downloaded is not clear at all and I cannot find what my catchment for my son is. I live in the Alboion area and have for about 2.5 yrs so far and think that making people who are paying taxes and have lived here for however long should be able to take their kids to the school they live closet to. If the City of Maple Ridge can't figure out that they are building more houses than schools and think that it will all work itself out needs to give their heads a shake. I grew up and Port Coquitlam and now wished I had NEVER moved to this city who has no clue how to be a city and be run properly. This is a load crap and needs to be fixed. And for all the ties you have brought kids in who didn't live in catchment this is all your fault that this is happening as well. You go to school where you are supposed to not where you want to! Looking forward to being one to be at the meetingon the 5th and making a stink!

My daughter is currently in

My daughter is currently in Grade 1 at Alexander Robinson Elem. and my son will be starting Kindergaten Fall 2012. We currently live on Dewdnet Trunk Rd, 2 blocks away from the school and are in the Blue Mountain catchment with this now proposal. Not only is that school more than 10 block away now, but I would be forced to uproot my daughter from a school she is so comfortable with, and the biggest issue, is that our daycare's son is starting kindergarten in the fall as well, and in Alexander Rob. catchment. It will be physically impossible for her to get our kids and her to diff. schools each morning. I think the district needs to consider lifestyles/necessities of the families that will be impacted, and to consider stretching out the Blue Mountain catchment further East/South, rather than north, or build another elem. school to facilitate the growth of East maple Ridge.

Kanaka Creek Elem

I live in the Roberston Ridge TH.... I understand there needs to be some changes made to catchment based on the ever expanding homes in the east MR area... but when we purchased our home couple years ago one of the biggest selling point was the fact that our son could attend Kanaka... its just down the road from us...I also have a job that I can not get the whole summer off and for my son having long periods of time off are not a bennefit to him... With notice being a month from when you registe, we should have the option to register if we wish based on the old catchment. We need to plan our lives... and for some of us liek myself we already had to book vacation etc... for all of next year! This is not convenient at all.!

We need to act now!

Parents, we must have our voice heard! Everyone needs to call each of our School Trustees personally. And we need to have as many people as possible come to the next meeting on January 5th. If the council and school board do not know how we feel, they will submit this draft as is! Talk to your friends and neighbours! Katie Zilkowksy

Taking away the option to walk, forcing parents to drive

I don't understand the rationale behind these changes. In every catchment, kids that could have easily walked to school are now in the catchment of a school much farther away. Is it district policy that parents must drive their children to school? As parents we face many challenges, including childhood obesity and increasingly sedentary lifestyles for our kids. That the district would take away the option to walk to school is completely unacceptable.

Alexander Robinson

I recently purchased a townhouse in the current Alexander Robinson Catchment after my husband and I seperated. My son was already attending school there and to avoid any further disruption to his life chose a home within walking distance so that he didn't need to be uprooted from his school! The new catchment guidelines would have my daughters (going into Kindergarten next fall) attending Blue Mountain- not within walking distance! This seems ridiculous just because we are North of Dewdney, which appears to be the boundry! A five minute walk to school or a car ride? Lets be environmentally responsible here! I think my kids have gone through enough, they don't need this too!

Grandfathering should not be allowed to happen

I live IN the Albion Catchment and STILL have to line up to get my kids into school and get on waitlists. If the catchment needs to be changed, to accommodate the number of people in the catchment, then students who no longer live in this area need to go to the identified school in their new catchment. We have a school built for 700 that has 1300 students in it. Why should my children suffer to grandfather kids from OUT of the catchment area? The decision was made on the number of students residing in the catchment area. To continue to allow out of catchment kids in the school will just continue and perpetuate the same problem.

Those of us who are now out

Those of us who are now out of catchment did not choose this situation. When we purchased our home we did our homework and made sure we were in Albion's catchment. Why should our children suffer because our council has made poor decisions? I feel empathy for your position also! No one is winning here! Katie Zilkowksy


I think that some research needs to be done here - why is Albion so much more popular than other schools in the area? It's not like they offer alternate programs (calendar or French Immersion) - what happened to the lot on 104 that the school district owns? Wasn't there a new school to be built there??? PS. I want grandfathering to happen - how do you tell a Kindergartener that they can't go to the same school as their older brother/sister OR, alternatively, how can you move a child in primary grades that they now have to change schools to accomodate people who live closer due to development????

Two Blocks From Alexander Ronbinson is NOT in the catchment...

I would love an explanation as to how AR is at the absolute north of it's catchment area, leaving those who live two blocks away (practically within view of it) in the blue mountain catchment. Does geography not come into consideration at all?

Kanaka Catchment

I don't understand how the breakdown for priority works. How can it be justified that I live in Pitt Meadows but my child goes to daycare in Kanaka catchment that I have the same priority as a student who has a sibling in the school. We are in the current catchment area and our son attends school there but now due to changes our daughter will have to resgister at AR next year. Should there not be some type of grandfather clause? How about a change to the priority: 1) In catchment with sibling. 2) In catchment. 3) In former catchment with sibling. 4) Out of catchment with sibling.

Albion Siblings

Our daughter will be going into grade three at Albion when my son is due to start kindergarten in 2013. We moved onto McClure in August which was within Albion's catchment at the time and was a major contributing factor when buying our house so we could ensure that our children would be in school together. My daughter has already caught wind of the new catchment situation from her teacher and is worrying herself sick that she will have to switch schools or that she won't have her brother with her. Why should my children have to suffer, because the city approved and overdeveloped an area without the schools to support it. I do understand that the catchment needs to be changed as the schools are at capacity, however it should be grandfathered in that children with siblings already within the school should be a priority regardless of their new catchment.

Catchment Changes

Why is Kanaka`s catchment area so small. If they get to have a small catchment area so that people from outside of their catchment get to go there because of their special calendar, maybe we need to rethink what the needs of our community as a whole are. If Kanaka was to take a larger portion of the kids from their immediate surrounding area and lessen the strain on Albion and Alexander Robinson schools, then maybe the catchment changes wouldn`t be needed at all. Maybe the alternate calendar school needs to move to a school that has a lower enrollment due to not enough kids in their surrounding area. This could solve quite a few problems all at once. Most of the kids going to Kanaka are driven there anyway. The parents seem willing to drive to have their kids in the alternate calendar school so why not put the school where enrollment is low and give this insanely developing area another school that kids from this area can use. Then we wouldn`t have to have siblings going to different schools, parents being unable to get to their child`s school because they don`t have a car, 5 year old children having to take a bus to school...

Alternate Calendar Catchment Changes

Okay, maybe this sends a message to the school district that people want and need the alternate calendar. Let's be real, the current calendar was put into place for farmer's who needed their kids to help with harvest in the summer - I don't know of any farmers that need their kids for harvesting in Maple Ridge. Maybe we need more schools with alternate calendars - I love the alternate calendar and would try very hard to have my kids attend a school (high school too in the future) that had a different structure like Kanaka. I think the teachers are happy with the set-up too. Why aren't there more schools like Kanaka? Why isnt' there a high shcool with an alternate calendar yet?? Food (harvest) for thought.....


I am very disappointed with the changes proposed for AR. We live in the 114A Ave Subdivision off 240th and walk to school. There are not a significant number of elementary aged children in this area and we are being cut out of the AR catchment. The 114A area off of Cottonwood has been added to AR. It is not practical for these people to walk to AR. Since they were not in AR catchment to begin with, why not have them added to Golden Ears which is walking distance for them, and leave us in AR catchment where we can walk rather than having to drive to Blue Mtn. Please reconsider these changes with a view to keeping areas within walking distance within catchment areas. We are trying to keep people out of their cars rather than forcing increases in our reliance on cars. Also the 112 Ave area just above Gilker hill that has been added to ARs catchment is not within practical walking distance to AR. Therefore they should not be added to ARs catchment when areas that are within walking distance are being cut out. Please do not add new areas to AR when previous AR catchment areas are within walking distance and should not be disrupted due to problems for families when siblings and neighbours are being split up. Minimal disruption should be key when considering changes. Please leave the 114A Ave subdivision off of 240th in the AR catchment.

AR Catchment Changes

I, too, live on 114a off of 240th and was looking forward to walking to AR one day with my children. AR is easily within walking distance as you can cut through a pathway and over a small bridge up onto Creekside. There do not seem to be many young children in this settled subdivision, around me all of the kids have moved on to high school. I ask that you please reconsider and have the subdivision off 240th stay in the AR catchment.

I live in the 112 Ave area

I live in the 112 Ave area above gilker hill and Alexander Robinson is definately within walking distance. My 4 year old rides his bike there to play at the park all the time. I don't feel that this area is too far for walking to AR.

Catchment Changes

My understanding of the proposed changes is that a new student entering kindergarten will be forced to go to a different school than their sibling who is already at the school. This makes no sense at all to me. There needs to be a situation where students are grandfathered into the school based upon their siblings.

Streets on Map Hard to Read

I can't make out the streets on this map - which catchment would 11355 at 236th be in (Robertson Ridge townhouse complex)?

Robertson Ridge New Catchment

Yes the Robertson Ridge kids would now be in the Alexander Robinson catchment which is great for those of us that prefer the traditional calendar year instead of the alternative calendar year that Kanaka currently provides. It is also within walking distance so that is great.

You can expand the map...but

You can expand the map...but currently the Robertson Ridge town homes are in Kanaka catchment. Proposed changes would see your kindergartener go to Alexander Robinson next year...ridiculous!!!

Albion catchment

This is absolutely not acceptable siblings having to attend different schools is outrageous, and in catchment day care having the same priority as sibling is even more outrageous. I LIVE HERE, I PAY TAXES HERE the fact that some ones daycare might be in a catchment of a school that is busting at the seems should not be my problem, there seems to be enough outrage here maybe if people banded together and refused to pay there property taxes till we get a new school maybe that would get some attention. This is the poorest city planning I have ever seen council needs to get some brains!!!!

address verification

How will you prove that someone ACTUALLY lives in the catchment. I know several people using neighbors addresses to keep their kids in a school outside of their catchment. There should be an expectation that this will be verified, esp. if folks in catchment are lining up to get their kids in and they are on waiting lists.

Important Meeting!

Wow! Great to see all of the comments and feedback about the catchment area changes. I'm sure hoping our voices will be heard, loudly and clearly tomorrow (Thursday) evening. Strength in numbers may be the best way to let those making decisions know that the proposed changes will really hurt families, especially those with younger siblings who will not be able to attend the same school as their brothers and/or sisters. I hope to see you all there: School District No. 42 will also hold a feedback forum at 6:30 pm on December 8, 2011 at Thomas Haney Secondary School, 23000 -116 Avenue, Maple Ridge.

Changes to catchment

I live in the new proposed catchment. My son is in K at Albion right now. His older brother who is just finishing a french program will be transferring out here for grade 6. I was told that even though I live in the current and new proposed catchment, that he may have to go to Websters Corners. If the catchment is changing then why should we have our children in separate schools when we actually Live in the NEW catchment area? If the city council and Major were so irresponsible to over build before the necessary supports are in place, why should the parents now be arguing this out? I do feel bad for the parents with one in Albion and the other that will have to go to websters corners, however as I live in the proposed catchment, and have a sib in the school already, I believe that we should have priority over folks that do not live in the new postage stamp catchment area. I am not sure why this is not making it to media to garner ministry attention as that is the level that can affect a change and build a new school....

Kanaka Creek Catchment Updated Information

Please note that any siblings of students who are currently attending the choice program at Kanaka Creek will be unaffected by catchment changes as they will have priority registration. Please see the K registration process on the district website. School District No. 42

Thank You

Thanks for that info... I guess I'm still lining up at 4 am though. :-(

Catchment changes

I don't expect that my comments will result in any changes, but it is frustrating to live within walking distance to a school but are forced to drive to a school that is farther away because the city (or whoever is responsible) allows an extreme rate of housing development without building the necessary schools to support all the families living in those homes. The government talks about preventative measures to help our citizens have a healthy lifestyle and a daily walk to school would be a great way for kids (and parents) to get exercise. Instead we get to clog our streets with cars and our air with pollution while we idle around dropping off kids at school.

Catchment Changes

How will the district be enforcing these changes? What about children already out of the catchment area, who are attending these schools? Will they be told to go to their home schools so that kids within the catchment areas are given priority? And, what form of identification of home address will the district accept? Parents have been known to falsify their addresses in order to have their children attend certain schools. There is quite a potential for circumventing the district's guidelines. What will the district be telling the new homeowners who will be moving into the housing under construction--right next to Albion?

albion catchment changes

I think the new catchment changes are necessary for the ever growing area of East Maple Ridge, until they build a new school, (which I believe was once in the plans.) However I think siblings of children already attending Albion need to be exempt. I think it is ridiculous to have 2 children attend separate schools. We choose to buy our house within walking distance of Albion and now to be told that we will be a 15 minute drive away is an outrage.

change of catchment

As a parent with a child in kindergarten at Albion Elementary, I am outragged that the catchment is changing. It takes 2 minutes to drive to Albion and 12 minutes to drive to Websters Corner!Also how in the world am I to pick up my children from two different schools at the same time?? It makes no sense what so ever!!!! So families who are new to the catchment would have priority over my other children being able to go to the same school as their sibling, its just not fair and clearly not thought out well! I know there is going to be a school bus available to children who are in the Albion area but there is absolutley no way that I would put my 5 year old child on a bus everyday for school!! I hope the district will be smart and realize that its just not an acceptable solution for growing schools!!

Albion Catchment Area

I would like to see siblings of current students have a higher priority. Having students in 3 schools (Albion, another elem. and high school) would be a nightmare. For anxious students and parents, not having brother and sister in the same school or moving the anxious child so she could be with her sibling would cause unnecessary problems.

Kanaka Creek Catchment Change

Okay, here's my deal. My husband and I live on 240th and when my eldest daughter started school, I knew that I wanted her to go to Kanaka, even though at the time, Albion was our catchment. We lined up at 2.00 am so that our daughter could get into Kanaka. I work in a job where I can not take ANY time off in the summer and I liked the idea that she would go to school through July. She loves Kanaka and so do I. Now, my youngest daughter is starting Kindergarten in September 2012. As I see from these memos, she might have to go to Webster's Corner. My daycare does not go to Webster's Corner school. I really think that priority should be to siblings in the schools, regardless of where the catchment is. I'm hoping that this will be resolved before my little one goes in September. Thank you

Sibling priority with boundary changes

I completely agree with the comments made by numerous other families concerned with prioritizing siblings, when the family is out of boundary of their home school now that the boundaries are being adjusted. Our eldest daughter goes to Kanaka Creek and our middle daughter is set to go to kindergarten in Sept 2012. I can't fathom the thought of splitting up siblings, and I truly don't believe that would be the intention of SD42, but it certainly causes concern and fear just raising the possibility. Our family is connected closely to our school and we have made friends with many families who have gotten to know our children and we look out for each other. Many people don't have extended family close by to help out and so they rely on these connections to fill in those gaps, creating a school family along the way. My younger children have come to know my eldest daughter's friends and their siblings, as well as the teachers and parents who are there everyday. Like so many others, we are also a family who commutes out of Maple Ridge for work. Many of us have struggled to arrange driving to and from school for our children. It would be incredibly upsetting and stressing on the families affected if siblings were not guaranteed a space. The other issue relates to registration. It does not make sense to have families line up over night and have to worry about what number they are in the sequence of registrations at their 'in-boundary' school when they have no intention of sending their child there anyway. Albion would be our catchment school, which has a history along with Kanaka Creek of overnight camp-outs for kindergarten registration. Frankly, I think it is ridiculous that families such as ours would have to endure the futile over night registration at Albion. What does make sense is keeping priority for siblings at the top, and allowing us to register them at the school their brothers or sisters are already. Please take these issues into serious consideration when planning the changes for Sept 2012.

Alexander Robinson Draft Catchment Change

We moved to our neighbourhood, specifically so that our children would be able to walk, with ease, to Alexander Robinson Elementary school. This was less than two years ago. I am frustrated beyond belief that we may be forced to send our children to a school that is further away, and that is not even safe to walk to! Please reconsider keeping the subdivisions to the north of Dewdney within the Alexander Robinson catchment. This would be for the betterment of our community, as well as for the safety of those children affected. If that is not possible, I too, would like to see a "grandfathered" policy for siblings of students already attending Alexander Robinson Elementary. Kelly Lawlor

Albion Catchment

I would also like to see siblings of children already attending Albion to be prioritized higher on the criteria list. I have 2 children already attending Albion and the thought of possibly having to bus my youngest child to another school sickens me. My 2 older children will be in grades 3 and 5 when my youngest is eligible for Kindergarten and the process of having to register at another school and request a transfer seems a ridiculous process. I think that siblings who are affected by a catchment change should be registered at the same criteria level as children who are siblings and live within catchment. As we were in catchment when our older 2 children were registered and remained in catchment through the last catchment change. Lindsay Dureau

Alexander Robinson catchment change

I have three children. My children ages 7 and 9 attend Alexander Robinson. I have another child that will be entering Kindergarten next year. Alexander Robinson is within walking distance to our home, Blue Mountain is not (our new catchment). I would propose that students with siblings already attending Alexander Robinson at the time of catchment change be accepted and prioritized the same as students in catchment. I would also propose that consideration be given to keep the small area North of Dewdney and West of 240th within AR catchment as it is walking distance to AR and has relatively low population and density.Thank you Heather Martin

Albion Catchment

I would like to see students with siblings already attending Albion who are within the current catchment, exempt from these new boundaries. I am extremely upset that my children may have to attend different schools or that I may have to move my child from Albion in his grade 2 year, when his brother would start kindergarten. We have owned a home in the Albion area for 10 years. When we purchased our current home 3 years ago, I did my homework and made sure we were within Albion's catchment. The idea that now someone who decides to rent a home within catchment a few days before kindergarten registration would have more of a right to go to Albion then my son, who has a big brother at the school and we live in the current catchment, would be a crime. Katie and Gord Zilkowsky

Alexander Robinson catchment change

I think this is ridiculous, the new catchment change would have my son attending A.R and my daughter attending B.M which is 4 km away, as we will (if passed) fall into the out of catchment w/ siblings in the school category, instead of just being in catchment. I currently walk with my kids to A.R only 1 km away as the school zone is incredibly congested during drop off/pick up time. I thought the idea was to reduce the congestion, not create it (if in fact the catchment changes). Also, what about 1 vehicle families that rely on walking kids to school because the other vehicle is used to commute to work, can the school district really afford to put buses along this route with all the cut backs? If buses are put along this route, how does it work for kids that want to attend extra curricular activities ( before school running, or after school sports)? Perhaps those that are currently in catchment should be grandfathered in, since when we purchased our home this is what was anticipated, and now that our son attends A.R we should not have to expect anything to change.

A.R. catchment changes

I would like to see the district give the same priority to out of catchment with siblings in the school already as it does to in catchment with siblings. I don't see why we should have to go to a different school to try and get a transfer when we have a child that is already in A.R. We should be in automatically, right? Regardless if now we fall out of the catchment with these proposed changes. I think that is rather foolish. It doesn't make sence to have two kids in two different schools. ~ Concerned Parent