Connected Learning Community, or CLC, is an online Distributed Learning school offered through the Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows School District.

The school is based at Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School. Riverside Centre offers online courses for adult students over 19 years of age, while Thomas Haney Secondary offers courses to students under 19.

CLC courses are free to both part-time and full-time students. Students may be cross-enrolled* in CLC for one or more courses. (* Cross-enrolled students attend a high school but choose to take a course at an online school such as CLC.)

Based on the British Columbia Prescribed Learning Outcomes, CLC allows students to “Learn on the Run – Learn Anywhere, Learn Anytime,” making it easy to get a quality education and earn a Dogwood Graduation Certificate at the time and place of the student's choosing.

CLC is an innovative online school that offers a variety of online courses primarily to students within the Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows School District (SD42). One of the strengths of our program is the built-in teacher interaction time, especially at the THSS branch of the school.

We are constantly working to create a strong online school community, and pride ourselves on the high level of communication between students, parents and staff.

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Wondering if online learning is for you?

If you are enrolled in a high school, make an appointment with your school counselor.

If you are not currently in school, phone (604) 466-6555 and make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.


For more information, please contact:

Kim Bondi
Connected Learning Community
(604) 466-6555


CLC Online Courses – Fall 2013

Courses are offered at BOTH Riverside Centre and Thomas Haney Secondary.

·       Biology 11 & 12 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Chemistry 11 (Riverside Centre)

·       Communications 12 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Communications 11 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Comparative Civilizations 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Earth Science 11 (Riverside Centre)

·       English 10, 11, 12 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Entrepreneurship 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Foundations Program (Riverside Centre)

·       Geography 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       MathFoundations 10-12 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 10-11 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Math Pre-Calculus 11-12 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Math Calculus 12 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Grad Transitions 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Guided Inquiry 10-12 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       History 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Law 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Marketing 11 & 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Physics 11 (Riverside Centre)

·       Psychology 11-12 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Planning 10 & 12 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Science 10 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Science & Technology 11 (Thomas Haney Secondary School)

·       Social Justice 12 (Riverside Centre)

·       Social Studies 10 & 11 (Riverside Centre & Thomas Haney Secondary School)


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