What is French Immersion?

French immersion is the delivery of the regular British Columbia school curriculum in the French language. Simply put, students in French Immersion follow the same curriculum as students in the regular English program do, but their courses are in French instead of English. There is no fee for the program. Learn more about French Immersion by downloading the attached PDF file.

Why Choose French Immersion?

Research has shown that immersion is the most effective way for a child to become functionally bilingual. A second language will open more doors for your child, it will give him/her an increased appreciation of other languages and cultures, it will encourage your child to become an independent and self-disciplined learner, and it will ultimately increase his/her opportunity for employment.

What is the difference between Early French Immersion and Late French Immersion?

At SD42, Early French Immersion begins in Kindergarten and Late French Immersion starts in Grade 6. Students who are currently in Grade 5 are eligible to begin Late French Immersion in September 2013 at Golden Ears Elementary School.



SD42 Early French Immersion catchment areas

At School District No.42, Early French Immersion is offered at the following three schools:

SD 42 Late French Immersion

Links and Resources

Canadian Parents for French website (BC and Yukon branch)

French Immersion contact

Shelley Linton

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